Is aliexpress safe, Many people before the first order from a Chinese tycoon ask themselves the question: “is shopping on Aliexpress safe?”, But after the first transaction and receiving the order, they forget about it once and for all. Hardly any online store has such an extensive payment security and customer protection system as Aliexpress com.

In this article, you will learn how to choose a product that will reach you 100% and how to get a refund on Aliexpress.

How to safely buy on Aliexpress?

Shopping on Aliexpress USA is safe. If this is your first time, or you have become alienated to this store in the past, be sure to check why it is worth changing your mind now. Aliexpress offers an uncountable number of products at the lowest price on the market. Check more information about is aliexpress safe on You will not get many of them not only on the domestic market, but also on the European market. Aliexpress discount codes will save you up to 90%. Buying on Aliexpress is not only profitable, but it can be a lot of fun!

Reviews on Aliexpress – a guarantee of a successful purchase

Each product issued by sellers has a rating system. The more comments, the more certain that the product will reach you. People shop on Aliexpress from almost anywhere in the world! From the comments, you will also learn what the product looks like in real life. Many users attach photos and provide information on the condition of the order.

Is aliexpress safe?

Verified account on

To place an order on Aliexpress, you must have an account. Setting it up is 100% safe, and the website owners are constantly improving their standards. For all new users, Aliexpress offers discount coupons up to -90%. You can find many Aliexpress discount codes only on We adhere to the principle that shopping without a discount means shopping unsuccessful;).

Safe payments on Aliexpress

To make a payment, just a few years ago, you needed a foreign currency account or payment via PayPal or a credit card. These times are a thing of the past, because you can safely pay on Aliexpress with Google pay or Apple pay, directly through your bank or a number of other solutions.

How to pay safely on Aliexpress?

Immediately after making the payment, you will receive an email notifying you of the transaction. In the panel on your account you will also find an intuitive system monitoring your order. If you are not convinced about linking your credit card, choose the system that you think is right for you. Shopping on Aliexpress is as safe as shopping at regional online stores. The Chinese make buying on Aliexress friendly, intuitive and safe.

IMPORTANT! If you have an Aliexpress coupon, please activate it before making the payment. In order for the discount to be applied correctly: go to order summary > find the appropriate field to enter the Aliexpress discount code > activate the discount

Some discount codes have limitations. The Aliexpress coupon for new users actually only works for new users, and the discount codes assigned to specific categories or sellers will only work for the products covered by the promotion. Fortunately, you will find Aliexpress coupons every day that include purchases throughout the site. The only condition for their fulfillment is the order amount threshold.

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